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We were very lucky to grow up in a loving and nurturing environment.  Even though my sister beat me up on a regular basis, I knew she loved me.  I always had a partner in crime.  As kids she hated me following her around and we fought.  In high school we were inseparable and would get into trouble together. As adults we became best friends who can have a conversation without speaking.  Our bond is incredible and who better to share the adventure of creation with than your lifetime BFF.

 My dad always called us brats ever since I can remember.  Whether we were being silly, getting in trouble, or receiving our degrees.  He would always call us brats.  When I was young I was upset about something and I was crying.  My dad said “What’s the matter brat?” I was hurt that he was calling me a brat while I was clearly upset.  I cried more and said “Dad, I’m not a brat, I don’t want to be a brat! Why do you always call me a brat?” He smirked as he looked at me.  He said “Oh mija, don’t you know that it’s all okay?”   Uh no dad I don’t, all I knew at that point is I was upset and crying and my dad called me a brat when I didn’t want to me called a brat.  The next thing he said to me was so powerful for me as a woman even though I didn’t understand the magnitude, then of his wisdom. My dad said “Mija, it’s not always going to be easy, you’re going to get hurt and you’re going to have some hard times in life.  You are a beautiful, amazing, outspoken, talented and powerful young lady.  With all that power means you are going to have to be strong.  Strong, in a world that not only doesn’t like to hear from women, much less Latina women.  Sometimes people will be jealous, mean, and even aggressive.  You have to be able to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.  You don’t let this world or anyone in it get you down.  No matter what they say or call you, you keep pursuing your hopes and dreams.  I call you a brat when you make me proud, and when you are misbehaving, and when you’re just being silly.  I call you a brat because I need you to know what people call you does not define you.  I call you a brat because I want you to know it’s okay to be a brat sometimes, if you have to.  If you’re doing the right thing and fighting for what you believe in it doesn’t matter what anyone says.”  So at the time I understood my dad was telling me to be strong but that was the extent.  It didn’t mean as much to me until I grew to understand such impactful words.  Now, I do think he was censoring the word brat for chingona.   You see, my parents grew up in the 50’s so they were very well aware of how the world lacked respect for women.  My dad saw how my mom had to be assertive and how she struggled in her career as a woman.  They were raising their daughters to be strong and confident.  They didn’t know how the world would progress for them as young adults but wanted to prepare them to be “brats.”

 Raising a daughter or being a young lady is so challenging.  My parents wanted to know we would be okay and be able to handle anything the world threw at us.  To keep our standards high, be bold, beautiful and yes be bratty.

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